Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Course Description 2

This course will look at the role of design in the world around us. Our emphasis will be on features, feel and function rather than on the aesthetics of design. We will consider why some designs work well and others work poorly. We will think about how and why things are designed in particular ways. We will look at the economic and environmental implications of design choices.

Successful completion of this course will fulfill the K College requirement for Tier One writing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Course Description 1

Some things just feel right. (Do iPods?) Other things—like unprogrammable VCRs or wristwatches that beep every hour—are frustrating. Which leads to an obvious question, why would anyone design a product to frustrate its users?

Design is more than style or fashion. This seminar explores design from the perspective of economics, business, and the environment. We will look at the features and functions of various products and services including: advertising, packaging, websites, retailing, and urban design. We will investigate how intangible experiences and activities can be designed. Observing and analyzing designs can help us better understand the world.